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KEY to PRELAB 395: Titrating Vinegar 1. Sodium hydroxide solutions are toxic and corrosive. They can cause chemical burns on your skin. Strong bases often continue to react with your skin even though you think you have rinsed all of the chemical off. If you think that 6M NaOH has gotten on your skin, rinse thoroughly and then rinse for an additional two minutes to make sure that you have removed all of the base from your skin. 2. a. standard solution – a solution for which the concentration of solute (analyte) is known b. end point – the point in the titration when the indicator changes color Do not confuse the end point of a titration with the equivalence point. Ideally the best indicator has been chosen for the titration and the end point is close to the equivalence point, but they may not be identical. c. titrant – the standard solution that is being delivered via a buret d. molar concentration of the titrant – the number of moles of solute that are in one liter of solution
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