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Sample Final Exam

Sample Final Exam - CHEM 1280 Final Exam Sample Fall 2005...

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Page 1 of 5 CHEM 1280 Final Exam - Sample Fall 2005 Name: ___________________________________ last four numbers of SSN: ____________ Note : Read the entire question and make sure to follow ALL directions for each question. Fill in the bubbles for your Name and Student ID number AND write your name on the front of the Scantron sheet as well as this exam. 5 pts. will be deducted if this is not done correctly. Use the Scantron sheet for BOTH the True/False and Multiple Choice sections of the exam. 1. You have Exam A. Fill in Bubble A on the Scantron sheet. (40 pts.) TRUE-FALSE: Identify the following statements as true or false. Two points each. F 2. In order to obtain accurate results, it is best to weigh something right after it is removed from an ice bath. F 3. As a solution becomes more concentrated, the %T increases. T 4. All storage containers should be labeled with a NFPA diamond label so that you know the hazards associated with working with that compound. F 5. A buret may be used when one wishes to deliver varying volumes that are accurate to 0.02 mL. F 6. If the substance you are weighing is non-corrosive, it is okay to weigh it without using weighing paper or a weighing pan. F 7. The supernate is decanted from the filtrate. F 8. It is okay to remove your goggles in lab once you are done using chemicals. T 9. The sides of a cuvette do not need to be cleaned before it is inserted into a spectrophotometer. T 10. Top-loading balances are used for quick determinations of masses to the nearest 0.1-0.001 g. T 11.The meniscus is read at eye-level in order to avoid parallax. F 12.Bunsen burners are often used in experiments using ethanol and ether. F 13.When excess reagent has been removed from a container, it is okay to pour it back into the container. T 14.A material safety data sheet (MSDS) is available in the stockroom for every compound that is used in lab.
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