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Syllabus + Schedule - 2 3001— Boyle’s Law 2/23...

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Chem 1280 Page 1 of 1 Spring 2010 Experiment Schedule – Tuesday Labs LM = Laboratory Manual ( Cengage*Brooks/Cole ) LH = Laboratory Handbook (appendix in LM ) Date Experiment No., Title, Additional Reading 1/12 Introduction, Safety Video 408—Representing Data Graphically; read LH: pp.1-6 and 97-101 1/19 Online Quiz (Blackboard) due MON, Jan. 18 th , at 11 pm Check-in Jan. 25:Last 484—Relating Mass and Volume; read LH pp. 11-29, 83-85 Day to Add/Drop 1/26 Online Quiz (Blackboard) due MON, Jan. 25 th , at 11 pm 347—Preparation of Strontium Iodate Monohydrate; read LH pp. 49-54 2/2 399—Detecting Signs of Chemical Change; read intro to exp. 396 too 2/9 359—Spec. Anal. of Permanganate Ion Solutions; read LH: pp. 65-69 2/16 407—Determining Molar Volume of CO
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Unformatted text preview: 2 3001— Boyle’s Law 2/23 428—Calorie Content of Nuts 3/2 389—Single Replacement Reactions and Relative Reactivity 3/9 UT Holiday – no classes 3/16 396—Qualitative Analysis of a Group of Cations 3/23 367—The Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis of Anions Mar. 26: Last Day to Withdraw 3/30 395—Titrating Vinegar; read LH pp. 11-29 4/6 Handout (on Blackboard) : Nuclear Chemistry: Half-lives and Shielding 4/13 518—Separating the Components of a Ternary Mixture 4/20 Check-out and Make-up Practical (50 pts. maximum) Chemical Forensics I due 4/27 Final Exam NO EXCUSED ABSENCES THIS WEEK! Make sure that your work and vacation schedules do NOT conflict with the date of the Final Exam....
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