Syllabus - General Chemistry Lab I CHEM 1280 University of...

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General Chemistry Lab I CHEM 1280 University of Toledo Fall 2010/Spring 2011 Dipl.–Chem. Edith Preciosa Kippenhan E-mail: [email protected] Office: BO 2096F Tel: 419-530-4072 Office Hours : T, R 10:00–12:00 pm, W 10:30-11:30 am and by appointment Required Materials: Texts: Chem 1280 Laboratory Manual; Cengage, 2010 Eye protection: Approved chemical safety goggles are required at all times. Goggles may be purchased at the bookstore or rented at the Chemistry Department Stockroom. Equipment: 3.5” floppy disk, IBM formatted OR USB thumbnail drive Blackboard: This website is available through the UT Distance Learning program and can be accessed at Your access code is your UTAD user name and password. Chem21: You will be required to purchase an access code to the chem21labs website by the fifth week of the semester. You will complete pre-lab assignments and submit your lab report via this website in the second half of the term. General Education Requirement: This course fulfills the Undergraduate General Education/Core Curriculum requirement of one semester hour of credit in a natural science as a lab. Course Description and Prerequisite/Corequisite: 1 hr – experiments about concepts and topics covered in Chem 1230 lectures. Approved chemistry safety goggles meeting the ANSI Standard Z87.2003 must be worn by every student during every laboratory class meeting. Corequisite: Chem 1230 General Chemistry I. General Education Statement: Welcome to the Bowman-Oddy general chemistry laboratories. I know that you are asking, “Why am I here?” You are here because you selected a science-related field for your major, which requires a specific number and level of chemistry courses and labs in order to obtain a degree in that field. We honor that requirement and will work with you to make this experience as worthwhile as possible. The major objective of this laboratory course is to allow you to learn various concepts through hands-on experiences while learning proper analytical and preparative techniques, the use of analytical equipment, how to collect, analyze and report data, and how to work safely in a laboratory. You probably are not a chemistry major, but you will be working in a science-related field. Whether you are pre-pharm, pre-med or pre-dent, an engineering major, etc., you will be working in numerous labs here on campus and once you have graduated, you will probably be working for a company whose facilities are regulated by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). For this reason, we stress not only the learning of the concepts in the lab, but also the various safety concerns and proper use of equipment that accompany those concepts. Proper use of safety goggles and chemical fume hoods, and proper attire will be strictly enforced at all times, and your failure to abide by these policies will result in your expulsion from lab. A second goal of this course is to prepare you for higher level courses and labs as well as work in
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Syllabus - General Chemistry Lab I CHEM 1280 University of...

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