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Sample Exam 4 Key- 4

Sample Exam 4 Key- 4 - 4-63 pg 5-d;me h{~3—hemme The best...

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Unformatted text preview: 4-63% pg 5-d;me+h {~3—hemme The best reagents for the following transfonnation. CH3 CH3 Qt 0‘0}! —D- 1) BH3-THF, 2) 11202, 0H9 1) HBr, 2) NaOH 1) HgOAC,THF,H20, 2) NaBH4 Bull-120 The reagent(s) which add to an alkene by a stereospecifie syn-addition. Br2/H20 BH3 HBr H gOAcm-IF,H20 The compound CanClO has how many degrees of unsaturation? 2 6 8 The E—isorner CH3\ /H CH3\ {Br CH3\ /C=C\ ’C=C\ 1 CH3 1-] H H H The ether most useful as a rotecting group. ROCH3 ROC(CH3)3 ROCHzCHg ROCHZCH2CH3 III.(8 pts) Give the proper IUPAC name for the following compounds. OH CH3 CH2CH3 :c=c: (CH3)2CH CH2CH3 CH3J C C Q11: e 3—mfiky/cyclohemno/ ’ \ CH3 ...
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