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Business models and systems checkpoint One local business sticks out in my mind when I lived in a small town that only had a few stores called Java Bloom. This company figured out a way to get a competative advantage over other companies in the town. They did this by turning a regular, tiny store into not only groceries, but also a coffee shop, which I think is the companies greatest component for its business model. Since business commerce means when people produce and trade, the best example the way the company I selected using this would be when they produce their coffee beans into coffee or espresso's and trades with the customer. Java Bloom used business occupation by sending their employees to classes on how to correctly make coffee
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Unformatted text preview: drinks. Another example of this would be the company also started up a floral section in the store and hired a floral spet to make bouquets and such. Java Bloom uses business organization by separating the three main parts of the store (floral, grocery, and java). Making sure they have enough room for floral, which is located in the upper portion of the building, and gives enough room for people to see what the company has to offer like single flowers or bouquets that are pre-made. They utilize the same form for grocery and coffee by giving enough room for lines and such. Also by having experienced employees to interact with customers so everything flows easier and worked toward a common goal....
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