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Dq1 I think what makes one company more profitable than another is the business model that is put in place. Both terms  show that the company is ‘in the black’ but only profitability encompasses the company’s positive use of resources.  Profitability also shows a company is likely to do well in the future as well as the present. Whole Foods Market is a  great example of a company’s profitability. They have been in the business for nearly 28 years and continue to be  highly successful. In 1980 the original founders saw that their natural food market was ready to go mainstream. They  opened many stores from the ground up and then started to acquire other natural foods chains across the nation.  With every endeavor they kept to the original mission of providing good, wholesome food and excellent customer and 
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Unformatted text preview: community service. The competing grocery stores such as Albertsons and Safeway have felt the pressure and have added entire natural food and product sections, organic selections, and specialized aisles into their own business models to keep customers from turning to the natural food giant. Dq2 I would tell my friend that when you noticed the price for bananas is higher, that may mean that the supply is short, or there is not as much as a demand for them as when they were cheaper. Unlike if it was in season, or possibly growing in more places, there would be many more bananas causing the price to lower. When it's in demand, most likely the price will go down because more people will want the bananas, so the company will sell them cheaper....
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