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Code of Ethics Checkpoint

Code of Ethics Checkpoint - sexual harassment or...

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Code of Ethics Checkpoint Code of Conduct: Sexual Harassment: First and foremost sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Any reports will be reported immediately followed by an investigation no matter how light the incident. Whistleblower: Everyone is a whistleblower in this company. It is you’re obligation and duty to report any unethical behavior to a supervisor immediately. This stretches from sexual behavior to reporting any hazard being mental or physical to your fellow employees. Discrimination: Discrimination against race, gender, religion or any other personal matter will not be tolerated. Personal information should and will be left out of the work environment to avoid any confrontations. Apparel: appropriate clothing will be worn at all times in the workplace. For women, skirts will be no higher than at the knees, and men will not wear shorts. All tattoos will be covered, ear piercing's are permitted. These standards are put in place to avoid any
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Unformatted text preview: sexual harassment or discrimination accusations. Safety/Compliance: Employees must commit to safety and follow all laws and regulations governing the business. I chose Sexual harassment and discrimination because I feel that these two are the most abused areas in a workplace due to my experience. I think an apparel conduct is very important to have to regulate what the employees wear for professional and safety reasons. The whistleblower code is very important. Employees need to have protection if they come forward, I have personally experienced this. It keeps employees safe coming forward. For example, if someone is being sexually harassed but they don’t want to come forward and another employee is witness to it, it is the duty of that employee to report it. Safety is extremely important. If poor safety is a common practice in a company it could jeopardize the entire company and employees by fines and or lawsuits....
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