bus 210 week 4 Swot Analysis and Business Plan

bus 210 week 4 Swot Analysis and Business Plan - Soapy...

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Soapy Rides 1 Soapy Rides Car Wash Chris Seed Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Soapy Rides 2 Soapy Rides Car Wash Business Plan The business plan that I selected was a car wash company named Soapy Rides, located in New York. This business is to be run by Mark Deshpande. The Deshpande family has been in the car business for over 30 years and holds a respectable name. This is a huge strength for the company because not only have they been doing business for some time, but they have worked in the surrounding area throughout those 30 years making a name for themselves. Their biggest strength will be having a high rapport with the community. The area in which the business will be located is in an above income community. This is good for business for a few reasons; first, the community will most likely own expensive cars, which they will want to have a professional cleaning done, and second, there is reason to believe that since customers own more expensive cars, they will want them cleaned more often. As wealth residence will strengthen the business, there are approximately 5 car dealerships that are located within a three mile radius of the car wash. This is a great opportunity for the business to thrive from these dealerships. This would make up most of the percentage of customers if the company can get the dealerships to use the carwash as a resource. Another opportunity to bring in more customers would be to broaden their service.
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bus 210 week 4 Swot Analysis and Business Plan - Soapy...

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