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week 5 Dq 1 & 2 - receptive to the idea Dq 2 I have...

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Dq 1 In my opinion I believe it depends on what stage you are at in your persuading your information or ideas. In the past when dealing with management I have either sent an email regarding ideas or have made a phone call followed up with an email. The reason I do this is because managers have a lot going on and the email gives them something to come back to when time allows. A lot of the time when just making a call they may be busy and forget about it. Once they respond to the email whether it would be by phone or email, if interested, I would then request a time to meet. In the end, with anyone, I believe face to face conversation is best. You can see by body language if the person is interested or not. This may tell you that you need to research more information to become more persuasive, if the idea is not worth pursuing, or if the person is
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Unformatted text preview: receptive to the idea. Dq 2 I have experience seeing the building-coalitions-and-alliances tactic numerous time in the workplace. At my work place to get promoted you have to put in the for the job, be placed on the interview list, and be interviewed by a board of three people. Normally you know who is going to be hired before the board takes place. They seem to "groom" and individual for the position and select that person no matter how much experience the other candidates have. The person being "groomed" for the promotion always seems to either be a friend and or a "suck up". The promotion isn't given by experience or qualifications it's given by who you know....
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