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E & J's Clothing Company Brochure_Erica Sturdavant

E & J's Clothing Company Brochure_Erica Sturdavant...

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Why work for E & J’s Clothing Company? E & J’s Clothing Company "We are expecting you!" Maternity Wear for Every Woman at a NICE PRICE! Dynamic people Team-oriented environment Exciting location Excellent benefits Competitive salaries Opportunity for advancement E & J’s Clothing Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer. E & J’s Clothing Company 903 18 th Ave S. Suite 3 Grand Forks, ND 58201 Phone: (701) 757-1643 Fax: (701) 215-0767 www.ejclothingcompany.com
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COMPANY PROFILE E & J’s Clothing Company, family owned since 2010, is a leader in the maternity clothing industry. When we opened our doors more than a year ago, we had a staff of 5. In 2011, we hope to have 10 employees and hope to expand to10 cities worldwide. E & J Clothing Company is a dynamic company known for its casual, team- oriented work environment. We provide opportunities for career growth and advancement to employees at all levels. In addition, E & J’s Clothing Company offers excellent benefits and competitve salaries.
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