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Running head: CHECKPOINT WEEK 6 1 CheckPoint Week 6 Erica Sturdavant BUS210 Feburary 17, 2011 Walter Hoo
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CHECKPOINT WEEK 6 2 CheckPoint Week 6 What motivation theories can be found in each case study? The first case study that was examined was Two Men and a Truck. (Jones, Pages 233- 234) This company was started by a mother who designed a logo for her sons’ moving business and received many calls for business after her sons had left for college. So rather than turn away the business she was motivated and bought a truck with little money and hired two guys to use it to help people move into and out of homes. The motivation theory that appears to best fit this story is the Job enrichment theory. (Jones, Page 221) The second case study involved Siemen’s (Jones, Pages 234-236) which manufactures such things as X-ray machines. The company’s new boss decided to rearrange schedules to make the unit more productive and motivate the workers to work harder or they would lose their jobs because the unit would be forced to close. (Jones, Page 235) By applying the Job enrichment theory, and the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory, people were motivated to
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Week6CheckPointBUS210_Erica Sturdavant - Running head:...

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