bus 210 week 7 Checkpoint The Impact of HRM

bus 210 week 7 Checkpoint The Impact of HRM - to improve...

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I think that the first area of improvement for a business always begins at the hiring stage. Much of a company's time and money can be wasted in this area due to employees not working out earlier in their career. Extensive background checks should be done as one of the first stages that is completed for a potential employee. Also, being honest on what type of work that employee will be doing, and giving actual numbers on areas like, starting pay, raise potential, benefits, leave time. Being straight forward with the potential employee leaves no areas for confusion about the job that could come back later to bite the company in a negative way. This will ensure the employee is fully dedicated before taking it to the next step which would be training. There were a lot of great ideas discussed in the brainstorming session. An area that was discussed was
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Unformatted text preview: to improve the pay and benefits of the company. I think the idea of giving raises to employees that are performing well is an excellent idea. This increases an employees motivation and encourages everyone to do the best job they can. This is a great thing for the company because having the employees working to their highest ability, increases production of the company which allows for more business in all areas inside the company. Along these same lines I believe it is important for the company to have competitive wages with surrounding businesses for the same job. If the surrounding business has a better wage then you take the risk of spending time and money training employees only to see them go the company with higher wages....
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