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Week 7 Dq 1 & 2 - Dq 1 After reading a few of the...

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Dq 1 After reading a few of the pay and benefits and from personal experience, I think that the most rewarding would be a bonus pay. Whether working as a group or as an individual, this incentive gives employees a reason to be motivated. Where I am employed now, they offer a cash awards every time something special or out of the ordinary is done. They also give them out for good reviews. So when new employees see veterans go out of their way, they follow the way. This motivates everyone and makes for a great work environment. I also like the merit pay. We also have this where I work for individuals. A good review could get you a step increase along with the yearly percentage. This keeps individuals motivated for personal awards. Dq 2 I would begin by researching the pay and benefits (health) to ensure that they are competetive with the surrounding  businesses per job requirements. If an increase in wages and or change in benefit plan would be in question I would 
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