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online schools vs traditional

online schools vs traditional - Online Schools vs...

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Online Schools vs. Traditional Schools Online schooling differs in many ways from a traditional school. The pros and cons of each are described as well as the statistics to back up each position. Different skills are learned in each situation. However the numbers speak for themselves. Both offer many ways to help each of us. Online schools give the students the opportunity to work part or full time and accomplish a degree. There is a heightened understanding of the course and the ability to fit their studies in their lifestyle. The students are often more mature and can work independently without the schedule of a traditional school. The student will set time aside to work on their school work where as a traditional student will procrastinate. According to Online University Accreditation (2010), “students perform better through distance learning when compared to classroom settings” (Comparing Online University Students with Traditional Students, para. 2). Online students are required to learn new skills, such as researching and reviewing resources from the internet. If keeping up-to-date with the latest computer technology and using this knowledge on a consistent basis to complete your assignments doesn't appeal to you, you might want to consider a more traditional education environment (Online Education, 2009- 2010). Students that struggle with this may find that traditional schools will be a better option for them. The other downside is the internet may be hard to get or expensive, limited time or access will make online more difficult. If the student is not with the changing technology this may create a barrier that could isolate the students and the instructors. Due to the youth of online learning, there has been little research conducted to evaluate the teaching methods or the
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effectiveness of student comprehension through an online-only learning environment (Technical and Vocational School Guide, n.d.).
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online schools vs traditional - Online Schools vs...

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