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1. Individual Assignment: E-Text (Please complete and submit problems in Microsoft Excel. Show all work for full credit.) 2. Resource: Ch. 9 of Applied Statistics in Business and Economics Prepare answers to the following assignments: o Chapter Exercises 9.54 t=(14.44-10)/(4.45/sqrt(35)) = 5.903 Mean is greater than 10. =tdist(5.903,34,1) o value is 5.75821e-07 which is <.01 o Chapter Exercises 9.56 H0: p=0.5 Ha: p>0.5 z=(0.633-0.5)/sqrt(.5*.5/60) = 2.066 critical value is 1.645 for a one sided test.
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Unformatted text preview: • =1-normdist(.6333,.5,sqrt(.5*.5/60),1) • =1-binomdist(37,60,.5,1) o Chapter Exercises 9.62 • The excel formula is =1-normdist(485/500,.95,sqrt(.95*.5/500),1)=0.258 • No, not enough evidence to support exceeding the goal. o Chapter Exercises 9.64 • Do not reject the null hypothesis. The decision rule is If test stat exceeds 1.711 we reject the null hypothesis. t=(275.66-250)/(78.11/sqrt(5)) = 1.643 • Close decision, test stat is close to crital value....
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