ECE251 hw8

ECE251 hw8 - an overlapping string (such as 000101010) or...

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NEW JERSEY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ACADEMIC YEAR 2010-2011 SEMESTER 1 ECE251 DIGITAL DESIGN HW 8 1. Design a full-adder using 2 half-adders and one extra gate. 2. Given the input and clock transitions in Fig. 1, indicate the output of a D device for the following cases, assuming that Q is initially at 0: (a) It is a trailing edge-triggered FF. (b) It is a master-slave FF (master active when clock is 1, slave active when clock is 0). (c) It is a leading edge-triggered FF. Ck D Fig. 1 3. A synchronous sequential machine having a single input x and a single output z is to be designed. The output z is to become 1 upon completion of the input sequence 0101, whether it forms part of
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Unformatted text preview: an overlapping string (such as 000101010) or not. (a) Construct a state diagram and a state table. (b) Choose a state assignment (c) Assume the use of JKFFs and construct the transition table. (d) Construct the excitation and output tables and their corresponding K-maps. 1 (e) Draw the resulting circuit. 4. The following memory units are specified by the number of words times the number of bits per word. How many address lines and input-output data lines are needed in each case? (a) 2K 16 (b) 64K 8 (c) 16M 32 (d) 96K 12 5. Derive the state table and state diagram of the sequential circuit shown in Fig. 2. A T T A B B Ck Fig. 2 2...
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ECE251 hw8 - an overlapping string (such as 000101010) or...

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