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career mgt - of things I think it will be best for me to...

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What personal insight did you gain from the KTS-II regarding your temperament? Based on the results (and your own self-awareness), what type of organizational culture would be best for you? You do not need to hand-in your results, just your 1-page response to the questions. I realized that I am more caring person than I thought I was. This test made me realize I am independent, which I already knew about myself. It also showed that I always take the role of a leader of a team, which is also very obvious when I am put in a team. I always tend to take charge whenever there is an assignment or project. After answering the questions, the results came out as my temperament was guardian. This is something that is very true about me; something that I already know so I was not surprised. I tend to be more of a protector or keeper
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Unformatted text preview: of things. I think it will be best for me to be in an organization where I can be the leader or hold a managerial position where I can guard or train employees in the organization. Positions in training and development, or any management role where it involves coaching or mentoring which will be where I believe I can fit very well. Also, I will be able to work in an organization where team work is involved. That kind of organizational culture will allow me to work with the tam as well as use my leadership skills to guard the team. The test was very helpful, even though I was aware of what the results may turn out to be, it was still able to capture other parts of my personal life....
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