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Discuss ways to better utilize your various personal resources (e.g., time, money, personal energy). Follow two pieces of advice offered in the book (or any other recommendation not found in the book with the goal of expanding your personal resources). Write a 1-page description of your experiences. A better way to utilize your time is to volunteer in an organization that you are interested in and can get valuable experience or training for other jobs. I believe this is the best way one can utilize his or her time because not only does one gain experience but they can also end up getting a job in the organization. This is the best way to create and start a network that can end up being our clientele in the future. Also, investing your time in volunteering gives you a sense of pride of giving back or doing something you like and will likely end up with a career in that organization. Also one can spend their time starting a business they believe will be successful or something
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Unformatted text preview: they believe in. Starting a business comes with passion and drive and time. I believe this will be another way to utilize your time. One of the best ways to utilize your money is to save and invest it in order to grow interest. Money that stays idle is money that will be more likely be spent, so investing and making a profit out of it, will give one a sense of taking a risk and gaining a reward. Also, another way to utilize your money ties into starting your own business. You can use the money to buy supplies and equipments for your business. Lastly, one can utilize their energy is to make something to sell (develop a product you can market to others). If you the energy, you can create your own product (clothes, accessories etc). This will be something that will help a person build a sense of entrepreneurship and a person can gain more skills from that...
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