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Module 21 - fraternal twins of the same sex • Adoption...

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Module 21 THE NATURE-NURTURE DEBATES Nature – nurture debate o The debate over the extent to which human behavior is determined by genetics and the environment Selective Breeding Animal Study o Robert Tyron, 1940 Family studies o Studies that estimate genetic influences through similarities of family members who vary in their degree of genetic relatedness Heritability o A statistical estimate of the percentage of the variability of a trait within a group that is attributable to genetic factors Twin-study method o A method of testing nature and nurture by comparing pairs of identical and
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Unformatted text preview: fraternal twins of the same sex • Adoption studies o A method of testing nature and nurture by comparing twins and other siblings reared together with those separated by adoption THE NATURE AND NURTURE OF… • Gender roles o Sex-typed behaviors promoted by social learning • Gender schemas o A network of beliefs about what it means to be male or female that influence the way we perceive ourselves and others • Sexual orientation o One’s preference for members of the same sex (homosexuality), the opposite sex (heterosexuality), or both sexes (bisexuality)...
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