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Unformatted text preview: STRATEGY PRESENTATION AND Write up= 40 POINTS Send in your strategy of choice by Saturday April 10th by 12pm Posters presented on, April 13th & 15th Paper Write Up due on Thursday, April 15 th Ticket Out due Friday, April 16th by Email STRATEGY PRESENTATION AND GALLERY WALK = 40 POINTS Write Up = 30 Points •  Paper describing the details behind your chosen strategy Poster = 5 Points •  Visual to talk from in your presentaSon •  Key components of your write up •  Will present to peers as they walk through the gallery Gallery Walk = 5 Points •  Present poster for ½ the Sme, view posters the other half •  Take notes on posters that strike you STRATEGY WRITE UP Choose a strategy that you have learned about in class* 1.  IntroducSon Explain the strategy and why you chose it –  –  –  –  A teaching strategy A learner strategy An environmental strategy A pracSSoner strategy 2. Explain the context you would use the strategy in –  Grade level –  Content area –  Any addiSonal info about the context (materials, aides, teacher abiliSes, languages of students, mixed or homogeneous group, etc) STRATEGY WRITE UP cont. 3.  Explain the type of ELL the strategy would be most beneficial for and why and how to modify it for the others –  3 types of ELLs –  Proficiency levels in R/W/S/L (beginning, intermediate, advanced) – strengths and weaknesses 4. Cultural ConsideraSons for using this strategy 5. Conclusion POSTER •  Describes key points for your write up –  DescripSon of the strategy –  Example of how you would use it in your content/ grade level –  What type(s) of ELL this would work best for and how to modify it for others –  Cultural consideraSons •  Levels •  Types of ell •  Provides talking points •  Uses visuals and text (visuals can be drawn, cutouts, downloaded, etc.) •  Clear GALLERY WALK •  ½ the Sme you will stand by your “art” and talk with others as they come by •  ½ the Sme you will walk around the gallery and “view” others’ work/gather ideas •  Fill out Sckets out about the experience and what you learned (5 Points) ...
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