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2/21/2010 STP420ProjectProposals.docx Ulrich’s STP420 Project Proposal Requirements Following are the features I require you to include in your team project proposal. This must be typed and submitted to me in class by Monday, 1 March 10, whereas I prefer that you submit it by Wednesday, 24 February 10. This is worth a maximum of 3% of your final grade. General Format Proposals must be typed using a 12- to 14-point font of your choosing. However, the report must be easy to read (serifed fonts generally work better with printed papers; this is Comic Sans MS, which is non-serifed). Use one-inch margins all around, with a 1½-line (one-and-one-half-line) spacing. This means that you might have to change the presets Word uses for its page setup defaults. You must use a cover page with team member names listed in alphabetical order by last name . Also included on this page are the class number and name, team name (either the one I assigned, or one of your own choosing; I will still use mine to
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