10Detailed Chapter Outline with Key Terms

10Detailed Chapter Outline with Key Terms - Detailed...

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Detailed Chapter Outline with Key Terms Chapter 10: Psychosocial Development in Middle Childhood THE DEVELOPING SELF Self-Concept Development: Representational Systems Representational systems: In neo-Piagetian terminology, the third stage in development of self-definition, characterized by breadth, balance, and the integration and assessment of various aspects of the self. Real self: Your knowledge of who you really are. Ideal self: Knowledge of who you would like to be or think you should be. Global self-worth : Liking yourself as a person. Self-Esteem Industry versus inferiority: Erikson’s fourth stage of psychosocial development in which children must learn the productive skills their culture requires or else face feelings of inferiority. Competence: A view of the self as able to master skills and complete tasks. Emotional Growth and Prosocial Behavior THE CHILD IN THE FAMILY Family Atmosphere Internalizing behaviors: Behaviors in which emotional problems are turned inward; for example, anxiety or depression. Externalizing behaviors: Behaviors by which a child "acts out" emotional difficulties; for example, aggression or hostility. Parenting Issues: From Control to Co-regulation Co-regulation: Transitional stage in the control of behavior in which parents exercise general supervision and children exercise moment-to-moment self- regulation. Effects of Parents’ Work Poverty and Parenting Family Structure When Parents Divorce
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Adjusting to Divorce Custody, Visitation, and Co-parenting Joint custody: Custody of a minor child shared by both parents. Legal: Type of joint custody in which parents share the right and responsibility to make decisions regarding the child’s welfare. Physical:
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10Detailed Chapter Outline with Key Terms - Detailed...

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