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Definition: Human development is the scientific study of change and stability throughout the course of the human life-span. It is both systematic (meaning it is not arbitrary or random) and it is adaptive (meaning that it’s focus is on internal and external conditions of existence). People who study human development are called developmental scientists. Human development: example homelessness, play therapy increase in reported attention as well as increased learning as evidenced by tests scores Development is a lifelong process: life span development As human development evolved into a scientific discipline that describes, explains, predicts and intervenes -Divisions of human lifespan (birth to death) is divided into several distinct periods. These divisions are socially constructed. Some cultures do not recognize these periods as distinct. For instance, the concept of adolescence/ teenage years only recently developed. Previously, individuals grew from children to sudden adult. Interdicsiplinary approach: collaboration of a wide range in disciplines: psychology, anthropology, education, biology, medicine etc Basic Concepts: Domains of development: Physical development: growth of body and brain, including patterns of change in sensory capacities, motor skills and health Cognitive development: pattern of change in mental abilities such as learning, attention, memory, language, thinking, reasoning and creativity Psychosocial development: pattern of change in emotions personality and social relationships Intimately intertwined as my yoga instructor says our biography becomes out biology
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Example: Frequent ear infections may affects hearing receptive language and then
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Chapter1Notes - Definition Human development is the...

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