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2010 Module III Bean

2010 Module III Bean - Biol 206 2010 Module IIIMeasurements...

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1 Biol 206 2010 Module III—Measurements & Experimental Design III.1 MODULE III MEASUREMENTS AND EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Instructor Louis Lefebvre Objectives To introduce the topic of effective experimental design To use graphing techniques, t -tests and chi-squared tests to analyse the data To learn how to write a scientific report To become familiar with tools used in the measurement of linear dimensions and mass To investigate the effects of hormones on soybean seeds and seedlings Work required—2 weeks Week One: Set up Experiments 1 and 2 Perform baseline measurements for Experiment 1 enter your data from Experiment 1 in the laptop computer Week Two: Complete Experiments 1 and 2. Enter results on the Data Sheet pg.III.13 Appendix 3 Discuss and begin data analysis with your TA and group At home: Write up your experimental findings using the format of an article in a scientific journal— see Appendix 10,11 Include 2 tables and 7 figures You are encouraged to discuss the findings and the appropriate statistical methods to be used, but the actual report must be your own work (see page ii of the Introduction ) METHOD OF EVALUATION A report on the whole module using the format of a scientific article: 90% Title Page, Abstract and Introduction 20% Methods 15% Results (including tables and figures) 25% Discussion 20% Overall quality 10% Diligence, skill and tidiness in lab work and participation in lab discussions 10%
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2 Biol 206 2010 Module III—Measurements & Experimental Design III.2 WEEK 1 Individually, familiarise yourself with the tools and methods of measurements After discussion with your TA and group, designate hormone treatment and control groups of soybean seeds and seedlings Perform the indicated measurements on the seedlings Apply the appropriate treatments to the seeds and seedlings to set them up for examination and analysis in week 2 In the preceding lab, you conducted a quasi-experimental study. You used naturally occurring variation to compare the effect of two conditions. This method has both advantages and disadvantages ( which ones? ). In the present lab, you are going to do an experimental study. This method will allow you to directly manipulate the different conditions whose effects you want to compare, instead of relying on a naturally occurring variation. The experimental method will also allow you to control most of the variables you are not interested in (what might these be?), but that still might affect the results. Before you begin the lab, please read and consider carefully the following notes, which are provided to guide your thinking about the design of experiments that answer the questions you are interested in and that provide the maximum amount of reliable information for the effort you expend. Think about the questions that are presented here in bold italics ; your TA will use them in your discussions.
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2010 Module III Bean - Biol 206 2010 Module IIIMeasurements...

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