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COMMERCE 392 MANAGING THE EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP REVIEW QUESTIONS I. Introduction to the Employment Relationship 1. What is “human resources management?” (HRM) 2. Who is responsible for HRM? 3. What are the interests & objectives of employees and employers in the employment relationship? 6. Explain the key employment trends affecting HRM. 7. What is a “knowledge worker” and why is this type of worker so critical to the success of businesses in Canada? 8. How can HRM practices contribute to an organizational effort to gain a sustained competitive advantage? 9. How does progressive HRM lead to business success? (Be ready to refer to studies discussed in class) 10. Other than offering job security, what other measures should businesses take to “boost profits through people’? For each measure cited, explain how this will boost profits if implemented correctly. 11. You have been hired as a consultant by a biotechnology company, Genosys Ltd. which is about to go to an Initial Public Offering. What do you advise Genosys Ltd. to do in order to have the greatest chance of success in implementing the measures you cite in #10 ? II. Legal Regulation of the Employment Relationship 1. What are the various “legal authorities” affecting the employment relationship? 2. What are the variations in “jurisdiction” or coverage of the different legal authorities? 3. Which agencies or “adjudicators” are responsible for applying & resolving disputes in each of these areas? 4. What are the underlying public policy objectives of each of the legal authorities? 5. What are the fundamental elements of the Employment Standards Act ? 6. Differentiate between employment standards legislation, and the impact of the common law on the employment relationship. 7. What does “discrimination” mean and what are the “protected” categories or
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COMMERCE_392_Review_Questions - COMMERCE 392 MANAGING THE...

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