psych 421- notes #17 - Pavlov (continued):- Discovery of...

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Pavlov (continued):- Discovery of Conditioned Reflex:- Discovery of secretions before food is given Pavlov came up with psychic ( conditioned) reflexes Conditioned stimuli:-responses brought on by stimuli other than which initially bought reflex/response. Classical Conditioning:- Neutral stimuli-> no response Unconditioned stimulus ( food)-> unconditioned response (salvation) During Conditioning:- Conditioned stimulus ( Bell) Unconditioned stimulus ( food) After Conditioning Conditioned stimulus (bell) => Conditioned response ( salvation) Psychologist Pavlov was interested in Thorndike-> he had respect for him Conditioning principle as a foundation ( ex. Radical behaviorism) Joseph Wolpe on systematic sensitization; behavioral therapy (treating phobias); his techniques is based on classical conditioning (Pavlov’s work). John Broadus Watson ( 1878-1958):- He was born near Greenville, SC.
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His mother was a religious influence- southern Baptist; Watson promised her to
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psych 421- notes #17 - Pavlov (continued):- Discovery of...

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