psych 421- notes #18 - Watson and Emotions:- Watson said...

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Unformatted text preview: Watson and Emotions:- Watson said that humans inherit a capacity for three emotions:- fear, rage, and love; he said they cant be broken down anymore. He says these in infants: fear was elicited by loud noises and loss of support, rage was elicited by restricting movement, and love was elicited by stroking or patting infant. He said all other emotions are derived from these three. He says learned associations develop with other stimuli Important aspect of emotion: - Stimuli that elicit biological reactions- Internal physical reactions ( visceral, glandular reactions)- External reactions ( ex. What does fear look like) He denies conscious perception of feeling- against James He said emotions happen regardless of conscious feeling Watson and little Albert:- Set out to demonstrate how emotions could be displaced to other stimuli 11-month Albert B. ( child of nurse at hospital) no initial fear of rat Steel bar, hammer Baby playing with rat, they hit the steel bar with the hammer-> baby cries Generalization to other stimuli Replication?...
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psych 421- notes #18 - Watson and Emotions:- Watson said...

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