psych 421- notes # 19 - Behaviorism: the second...

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Behaviorism: the second wave:- Neo-behaviorism: Phase 1: behaviorism-> key players-> Watson Phase 2:- Neo-behaviorism-> key players-> Hull, Tolman, and Skinner Radical Behaviorists-> Watson and skinner Cognitive behaviorists->Hull and Tolman Burrhus Fredric Skinner (1904-1990):- He was born in Susquehanna, PA liked to build things ( built steam cannon) Went to Hamilton College as an English major- he was a prankster (play jokes on people). Wanted to become a writer – never took psychology classes as an undergraduate. wanted to enter analysis- but he was turned down He reads Pavlov and Watson He had nothing to write Received his PhD in three years at Harvard in 1932 Has appointments elsewhere and returned to Harvard for the rest of his career.
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Skinner’s behaviorism:- He said focus on observable behaviors Psychology’s focus should be an S-R, not S-O-R He says mental states are not observable People don’t know their inner states, very accurately
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psych 421- notes # 19 - Behaviorism: the second...

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