History notes October 8th 2007

History notes October 8th 2007 - History notes October 8th...

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History notes October 8 th 2007 Conclusion of war 1782 to 1783 1. british and loyalists evacuate Charleston and new york 1782 2. Washington ends officer plot, newburgh, ny, march 1783 a. officers reluctant to disband without clear assurances of money b. if demands were met then they would be like lambs if no they would become tigers and wolves c. under wsahingtons persuasion…1 officers accepted a congregassional offer of full pay for next five years, 2 urged officers not to take any actions that would undermine the honeor they had earned 3. Americans sign treaty with Britain-versailles September 17 83 Situation of economics, bottom versus elite, soldiers lack of faith in new government, essentially 13 separate states engaging in agreement of friendship, mutual defense, soldiers not paid, people looked to Washington Treaty of Paris 1783 America : Removal of British troops Right to fish in Newfoundland waters Revision of the Canadian border, which the Quebec Act of 1774 had pushed south to the Ohio River, extended boundary of candada, angered American colonists, Canada has access to ohio valley Britain should cede Canada to the United States Persuaded Britain to relinquish the Ohio Valley and accept a northern boundary for the US defined by the Great Lakes and the highlands marking the edge of the St. Lawrence River valley; US would reach to the Mississippi River and Americans would gain free navigation on the waterway, despite Spanish opposition, colonists granted access good for trade and economy In the South, the 31st parallel, above East and West Florida would provide the American boundary, angered spain Britain pay indemnity for war damages, didnt Britain : Sought compensation for roughly 70,000 American Loyalists who had been driven from their homes, very difficult to actually gain back their property Right to collect old debts that colonists had owed to British merchants before 1776,
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History notes October 8th 2007 - History notes October 8th...

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