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sociology race and ethnicity - Sociology Notes Phipps...

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1/23/09 Sociology Notes Phipps Case -Susie Guillory Phippys Case, , birth certificate said she was black, but she was raised white. Great Great Great Grandparent was African American, sued Louisianna to get racial classification off her birth certificate. 1984. How do we know? - racial categories are not the same throughout history or different societies, zinn, irish, different countries - -there are more variations within so called racial groups than between groups, non concordance - - physical features are non concordant with other traits - the physical features that indicate racial difference are arbitrary Social and historical construction Law is central to the process Plessy V Ferguson 1896 -court affirms biological definitions, sort of, of race and acknowledges differences in state categories. 7/8 th white, mixture of colored blood… Two Cases Ozawa v US 1914 -skin color -scientific races United States V Thind 1914 -average man argument 1/26/09-1/28/09 Video Power of an Illusion, the Story we tell -Thomas Jefferson’s Notes on the state of Virginia (1781), hypocrite because he was a slaveholder -indentured servants replaced by African slaves -Europeans identify with whites, slavery goes along with “blackness” -indians considered white people, just tanner skin, savages but could be civilized -civilize Indians through learning English, Christianity, and from hunters into farmers… all prevents war with Indians, leads to open land for white settlement -American science, try to prove what makes blacks inferior to whites -Judgement shift on opinions of Indians, 1830- Indians Removal Act -1838 Forced Indians by gunpoint to leave their homes, ¼ died in camps/ trail of tears, relocated west of Mississippi -America went west, encounters Mexicans and considered them a mongrul race aka like Indians, annexed mexico’s land -Manifest Destiny idea that the west belonged to white Americans, some used science to support racial superiority ideas -1846, Louis Aggacy gave lecture on observation over speculation, are all people of same
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species, all humans united in a single creation, but rethought his position after going to America and meeting Samuel Morton -Morton used skull information to find out how races progressed -discovered that white American males are smartest on earth… -power of ideology of race can change peoples minds -Types of Mankind, pulls together that native Americans, African American, etc are different species -1857 Dred Scott Case, people of African American ancestry can never become U. S citizens, slaved or free -emancipation proclamation, now…how to deal with newly free african Americans -The Race question… -White Man’s Burden, country USA has new role as world power -Phillapinos: portrayed as native Americans/ African Americans -Worlds Fair, shows Americans the people they have conquered. Shows you where you stand compared to “uncivilized savages”, see differences in skin color 1/28/09 Contemporary Constructionist Approaches -Race is primarily and most important a socio-historical concept, pg 23
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sociology race and ethnicity - Sociology Notes Phipps...

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