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Mechanical Vibrations (4th Edition)

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Unformatted text preview: 500 FORMAT (//.29H RESULTS OF FOURIER ANALYSIS::/) _ PRINT 600. AZERO 600 FORMAT (8H AZERO =:2X;E15.8.//.31H VALUES OF I. A(I) AND B(I} ARF 29/) ' DD 7001 =1: H 700 PRINT 800. I. A(I}p 3(1) BOO FORMAT (15:2X1E15.812X1515.B) STOP END FOURIER SERIES EXPANSION OF THE FUNCTION XCT) DATA: NUMBER OF DATA POINTS IN ONE CYCLE = 16 NUMBER OF FOURIER COEFFICIENTS REQUIRED = 5 TIME PERIOD = O.319999?9E+00 TIME AT VARIOUS STATIONS, TII) = 0.20000000E—01 0.3?999999E-01 0.59?99999E-01 0.79?99983E-01 O.1000OOOEE+OG 0.1ZOOOGOOE+OO 0.139?9999E+OO O.16000003E+00 O.180000015+00 0.19999?9?E+00 0.QQOOOOOBE+OO O.24000OOIE+OO 0.259?9999E+00 0.27999997E+00 0.30000001E+OO O.31?99999E+00 KNOWN VALUES OF XtI) AT T(I) = O.90000000E+01 O.13GOOOOOE+02 O.17000OOOE+02 0.29000OOOE+02 0.43G00000E+02 [email protected]+02 0.63000000E+02 0.57000OOOE+02 0.49000OOOE+OQ 0.35000000E+02 O.35000000E+02 0.4IOOOOOOE+02 O.47000OOOE+02 0.4IOOOOOOE+02 O.13000000E+02 O.7000OOOOE+OI RESULTS OF FOURIER ANALYSIS: AZERO = 0.59750000E+02 VALUES OF I; A(I) AND 3(1) ARE -0.203487Q?E+02 -O.3?159737E+Ji -0.14568995E+01 -O.11449797E+02 *G.54029312E+01 O.33535175E+J1 *O.17500381E+01 0.249995235+01 -G.2612724éE-01 O.10é07&24E+0I Ul-htdlul‘ The main Program anal Hm oufpul'.’ cure Shown Lelow. _._—__—__._._____—-_.-.__...-—..._-___.--..._‘.—...—_..—--._m—__-~—-—_.______.__. .- _ “F... __n—._—_——u—————————_———_———-—_—.u---—-——u-——-wa——-———n——_-—_———3_==:—=__—: =:’ 2 _._—__—_ _._._--—__._._—_____..—_...._—n_.——-._...—._—--._———._--—-———n—____________.___—_._. _ . FOLLONING 6 LINES NEED TO BE CHANGED FOR A DIFFERENT PROBLEM DIHENSION X124}:Ti241.XSINi24):XCOST243-AI6).B(6) DATA NIH-TIHE l24rb.0.6/ DATA 3/9:17.23:25.2&:28:33.35:34:29:24:26; 2.40.18;B.-5.-14: 2 ’28: ‘37: ’33: ‘a9: -=2. OI. ' 47 ...
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