Lab 1 Observation of Chemical Changes-1

Lab 1 Observation of Chemical Changes-1 - Ocean County...

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Ocean County College Department of Chemistry LAB 1: OBSERVATIONS OF CHEMICAL CHANGES Submitted by Date Submitted: 05 FEB 2010 Date Performed: 30 JAN 2010 Lab Section: DL2 Course Instructor: Professor Maria Tamburro Ocean County College 1 General Chemistry I DL2 Chemistry Department
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Purpose : Using various chemicals provided in the LABPAQ and home cleaning supplies I am to  study the composition and structure of materials, and the changes that they undergo.  Throughout this experiment, indication that chemical changes are taking place is to be  noted. A chemical change occurs when the chemical makeup of the substance  changes, and a new substance or substances are formed. The most common chemical  changes are observable through color changes, the formation of a solid (called a  precipitate), or the formation of gas bubbles. The association of chemical properties  through the examination of reactions and macroscopic changes of household consumer  products is to be noted.  Procedure: I began the experiment by setting up all chemicals, well plates and data tables. After  donning the appropriate safety gear I began by placing 3 separate sets of 10 drops of  distilled water into an unused well of the 24 well plate. I added the following chemicals  into one of the three sets of distilled water creating three separate chemical mixtures:  HCI, Ammonia, and Sodium Hydroxide. I mixed all thoroughly with a toothpick and then  sucked the mixtures into separate pipets. These were placed into the 24 well plate for 
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This note was uploaded on 02/21/2011 for the course CHEM 181 taught by Professor Tambero during the Spring '10 term at Ocean County College.

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Lab 1 Observation of Chemical Changes-1 - Ocean County...

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