Lab 3 - Ocean County College Department of Chemistry LAB 3:...

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Ocean County College Department of Chemistry LAB 3: Separation of a Mixture of Solids Submitted by Date Submitted: 18 FEB 2010 Date Performed: 17 FEB 2010 Lab Section: DL2 Course Instructor: Professor Maria Tamburro Purpose: Ocean County College 1 General Chemistry I DL2 Chemistry Department
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It is important to become familiar with how to separate mixtures into their component  substances is a frequent problem for chemists. The vital distinction between mixtures  and pure substances is whether or not they can be separated by physical means.  Physical means, by definition, are techniques that utilize the physical the physical  properties of a substance such as melting point and solubility. The separation will be  accomplished by utilizing the unique properties of each material and their differences in  water solubility. Procedure: I began the experiment by acquiring all necessary materials that I needed to provide  (distilled water, coffee cups, saucer, spoon, Ziploc bag, Styrofoam cups, paper towels),  and then sifting through my ChemKit to find the provided materials. I will begin by  separating out the iron from the sand mixture by spreading it out on a piece of paper  and running a magnet over it. I will next separate out the sand from the salt/benzoic acid  by dissolving the salt/benzoic acid into water. By heating the water we can extract more  salt/benzoic acid from the sand mixture. I will then separate out the benzoic acid by 
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This note was uploaded on 02/21/2011 for the course CHEM 181 taught by Professor Tambero during the Spring '10 term at Ocean County College.

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Lab 3 - Ocean County College Department of Chemistry LAB 3:...

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