Lab 11 - Ocean County College Department of Chemistry...

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Ocean County College Department of Chemistry Experiment 11: Determination of Water Hardness Submitted by Date Submitted: 16 APR 2010 Date Performed: 14 APR 2010 Lab Section: DL2 Course Instructor: Professor Maria Tamburro Purpose: Ocean County College 1 General Chemistry I DL2 Chemistry Department
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The objective of this lab is to develop familiarity with the concept of hardness of water and then use our titration technique from lab 10 to find the hardness of the water in my local area. Hardness of water is based off the amounts of Mg and Ca that are in the water. If a significant amount of these ions is contained in the water then the water is referred to as “hard water”. In this experiment we will take a water sample from our local water (distilled of course) and combine the Ca and Mg ions in the water sample and simply report our results in terms of Ca. Also, water chemistry in the water treatment industry would report water hardness as mg/L CaCO3 not merely as mg of Ca per liter. The method we will use involves the reaction of calcium and magnesium ions with EDTA. Procedure: Screw the stop cock to the syringe. Look carefully at the stop cock. When the valve is horizontal, the holes do not match up to the syringe barrell and there will be no flow. When the valve is vertical, flow will occur. You can control the flow by adjusting this valve. Remove the plunger from the syringe. You will have to align the holes to do this. Attach the test tube holder as seen above to the syringe and place the end of the holder inside a text as shown. Use your chemistry kit box and text to suspend the syringe
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Lab 11 - Ocean County College Department of Chemistry...

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