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March 23 3T5 1. Leaders Pursue intellectual development over a lifetime. If you are in a constant form of education and learning your mind and thinking machine will be fined tuned and always in a constant state of growth. 2. Leaders enhance their followers’ ability to know what is right and do what is right. I believe that every person in a leadership position needs to be a moral person and know what is right and wrong. If a leader has no concept of right or wrong then you will end up with more incidents like Mai Lai. 3. Leaders create a climate which promotes unit cohesion. If you are in a group and you dislike the person next to you so much that you can’t work together then the unit is flawed and is effectiveness is minimal. It is the leader of the group to make sure that this doesn’t happen and make the best atmosphere that does. 4. Leaders promote self esteem in followers by respecting them and by holding them accountable for high standards. If the person in charge of your group is constantly yelling and you to do
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