Theme 2 - Theme 2 TDr Eastwood3T5Faulkner and Welty Differ...

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Unformatted text preview: 5-5-01Theme 2 TDr. Eastwood3T5Faulkner and Welty Differ in Short Story StylesEudora Welty’s, “A Worn Path” is about an elderly woman, Phoenix Jackson, who is on a journey from her home to town, to collect medicine from the doctor to give to her grandson. Along her journey through the woods she converses with herself, with the forest, and the creatures that lie within. At first when reading this story her talking to herself would not seem abnormal, but later in the story she stops to rest. A boy comes and offers her a slice of marble cake. When she reaches her hand out to accept the cake the boy disappears and there is only her hand in the air. She continues onward and notices something in front of her, “…something tall, black, and skinny there, moving before her.” At first she took it for a man, but then as she approached she touched it and realized it was a scarecrow. As she begins talking with it you realize that she is a little off the rocker. She is old after all, so being senile and blind doesn’t really seem that odd. As she continues on a black dog comes out of the weeds and knocks her into a ditch. A hunter comes forward and helps her out. They begin talking and as they do a nickel falls out of the man’s pocket. She quickly says something to the man to take his attention off of her. As he motions away she reaches down and picks up the nickel. The man makes a pleasant departure and Phoenix proceeds on her way. Soon she arrived at Natchez, the town, and went to the doctor’s office. The nurse recognized her, for she was a regular. The doctor came in and spoke to her regarding her grandson. She did not respond for sometime and when she finally did she stated that her memory had left her. The doctor gave her Campbell 2medicine and the as she was leaving the attendant gave her a nickel. She gave a tap on the floor with her cane and said that she was going to the store to buy her grandson a little windmill. With that, she lifted her free hand, gave a nod, turned around and departed.William Faulkner’s, “A Rose for Emily”, has a much more abnormal quality to it....
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Theme 2 - Theme 2 TDr Eastwood3T5Faulkner and Welty Differ...

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