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SSIC Ser DNSOIC/5882207 20 Mar 03 From: MIDSHIPMAN 1/C Colin M Campbell, USNR, 544-27-1837 To: Secretary of the Navy Via: Officer in Charge, DNS, USMMA, Kings Point Subj: 3RD TRIMESTER 1/C WATCH STANDERS Ref: (a) Communication or document (b) Communication or document Encl: (1) Report of 1/C requiring watch credit 1. I ask that 1/c midshipman be exempt from standing MOD and Kings Pointer Bridge watch during their final trimester of residence. 2. Due to the class load and the upcoming license examination. Seniors are at a point in their kings point career where standing watch
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Unformatted text preview: does not need to be a part of the term. There are pressing issues at hand that need to be dealt with. The class load is not light and for most the added fact that you must stand watch is another inconvenience that need not be issued. With the exception of seniors who need watch credit for sea days, the rest of the 1/c should be exempt and be allowed to use this time for something more prudent to their classes and license studying. C. M. CAMPBELL...
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