atomic bomb - 1 Prof Greenwald Essay#1 1T1 Has the atomic...

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Prof. Greenwald Essay #1 1T1 Has the atomic bomb introduced the fear of total annihilation . ..that has forever changed world politics? That seems to be the main point of the argument against dropping the atomic bomb on Japanese cities in August, 1945. Yet this judgment completely goes away from the circumstances in which the decision was made, a world exhausted by war, a merciless, cunning and ruthless enemy, hundreds of thousands of casualties in an allied invasion of Japan, and strategic considerations. In other words, the counter fails to meet the argument for dropping the bomb and changes the subject from the immediate decision to the long term consequences of the decision. When the atomic bomb went off over Hiroshima on Aug. 6th, 1945, 70,000 lives were ended in a flash.(1) To the American people who were weary from the long and brutal war, such a drastic measure seemed a necessary, even righteous way to end the madness of World War II. That August morning was the day that heralded the dawn of the nuclear age, and with it came more than just the loss of life. The entire globe was now to live with the fear of total eradication, the fear that drove the cold war, the fear that has forever changed world politics. The fear is real, for the ease at which a nuclear bomb is achieved in this day and age sparks fear in the hearts of most people on this planet. The decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan as a means to bring the long Pacific war to an end was justified militarily, politically, and morally. The goal of waging war is victory with minimum losses on one's own side. No one disputes the fact that the Japanese military was prepared to fight to the last man to defend the home islands, and indeed had already demonstrated this determination in previous Pacific island
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atomic bomb - 1 Prof Greenwald Essay#1 1T1 Has the atomic...

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