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Unformatted text preview: DUNKIRK 1940 DUNKIRK 1940 THE BATTLE OF FRANCE THE BATTLE OF FRANCE • MAY 10, 1940 Invasion of Low Countries and France Begins Superior Weapons Superior Weapons Superior Tactics Superior Tactics Allied Weapons Allied Weapons Battle Plan Battle Plan CUTOFF CUTOFF Rescue Rescue • The evacuation begins • Mostly Royal Navy Ships Civilian Craft Recruited Civilian Craft Recruited • Calls to public Given out over the Radio and Newspaper • Own initiative • 45,000 rescued By civilians Evacuation Evacuation • 198,000 British Rescued • 140, 000 French And Belgian Rescued Allied Losses Allied Losses • All Heavy Equipment Lost • Highland Division Sacrificed to protect Remainder of British • 1,000,000 prisoners Taken by Germans German Losses German Losses • 60,000 dead • Casualties Relatively light FRANCE DEFEATED…AGAIN FRANCE DEFEATED…AGAIN • June 20 1940 Armistice Signed BUT…THEY WILL RETURN BUT…THEY WILL RETURN • Allied soldiers lived to • • fight another day. D­DAY June 6th, 1944 558,000 rescued in all Efforts throughout FRANCE ...
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