Holocaust - HolocaustTeaching the Holocaust to a New...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-12-03HolocaustTeaching the Holocaust to a New GenerationThe thought of teaching history to the younger generations gives most people the chills. In a young persons life, more often then not the History class is the dreaded lecture course, where you sit in your uncomfortable chair listening to the professor read the notes that he has read a hundred times over to previous classes. The professor does this in a monotone and monotonous way so that it becomes a garble of language that cannot be deciphered. Actually, this is done so callously that to the student the content of the notes is not real and never really happened. But, no matter how long ago or how skewed the information may be, something that resembles what the professor is regurgitating did happen. No matter what anyone tells you…knowledge is power, and there are no excuses for being ignorant about some periods of history…one first and foremost being the Holocaust.In today’s culture, my age group learns through visual education…television and movies. As much as I hate to admit this fact and try to further myself with reading books, the truth speaks for itself and there is no better way to teach a history course then to incorporate videos into the overall spectrum of the course. There have been several videos in this course that have made the reality of the Holocaust sink in, but I’m going to focus on four of them specifically; Wansee Conference, Schindlers List, Band of Brothers, and Europa, Europa.The Wansee Conference Video is an actual account (actual dialogue) of what occurred at the conference. This conference was held in a very upscale part of Berlin known as Wansee. The purpose of the conference was how to deal with the Jewish 12-12-03Holocaustproblem, or more so, how to implement the strategies of the annihilation of the Jews. The 2ndin command of the SS Reinhard Heydrich, or known as “The Blonde Beast” was in charge of the project. Sometime at the end of 1940 or in early 1941 Hitler decided to turn his ideal into reality, and made the decision to kill all of European Jews. The evidence indicates that by the end of January 1941, Heydrich, having been charged by Hitler to develop a suitable plan, submitted his proposal for the Europe wide “Final Solution project” (Endlosungsprojekt). (1) At Wansee he held a meeting with leaders of the SS, SA, members of the Einsatzgruppen, and other dignitaries. What was discussed was that of building the concentration camps and making the genocidal process extremely efficient. Not only is the whole suggestion of this disturbing, but the language and mannerisms of all the members present at the meeting is disgusting. They treat what they are speaking of very light heartedly and joke about, as if nothing of what they are doing is wrong. It is even stated in the film that it was there duty as Germans to carry out this task for the rest of humanity....
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Holocaust - HolocaustTeaching the Holocaust to a New...

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