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Unformatted text preview: The Beginning of It all…. The Beginning of It all…. June 12th 1839­ According to legend, Abner Doubleday, who later became a major name in book publishing, created the game we know as baseball. Sep 10th 1858­ John Holden hits the 1st recorded HR (Brooklyn vs. NY). Nov 27th 1870­ NY Times dubs baseball "The National Game.” When Homeruns Became…. When Homeruns Became…. Prior to Babe Ruth’s entrance into baseball… On February 27, 1914, at the age of nineteen, Ruth was signed to his first professional baseball contract by Jack Dunn, manager of the Baltimore Orioles. Just five months after being signed by the Baltimore Orioles, Babe Ruth was sold to the Boston Red Sox. He made his debut as a major leaguer in Fenway Park on July 11, 1914, pitching against the Cleveland Indians. A Legend Is Embraced A Legend Is Embraced In December of 1919 Babe was sold to the New York Yankees, owned by Colonel Jacob Ruppert and managed by Miller Huggins. Prior to Ruth's arrival in New York, the team had never won a pennant. With "The Babe" as part of their arsenal they became a dominant force in major league baseball, winning seven pennants and four World Championships from 1920 to 1933. "The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime." ­ Babe Ruth Accomplishments Accomplishments 714 career Home Runs Played a total of 20 seasons. Led the league in home run 12 times, in runs 8 times, in RBI's 6 times, and in slugging 13 times. Ended with a lifetime batting average of .342 Is the all­time leader in home run percentages (1/8.5 AB), walks (2056), and slugging (.690). Is 2nd all­time in home runs (714), runs, and RBIs The Finale’…. The Finale’…. Farewell Speech Babe Ruth's last year as a Yankee was 1934. He had a burning desire to manage in the major leagues. In 1935, at the age of forty, he announced that his playing days were through and that he wanted to become a manager His final appearance at Yankee stadium actually came later, on June 13, 1948, during the 25th anniversary of "The House that Ruth Built." During the celebration the Yankees also retired his uniform, number 3, and for that reason Babe put on the uniform for one last time. His Death and Legacy His Death and Legacy At 8:01 p.m. on August 16, 1948, Babe Ruth lost his battle with cancer. For two days, his body lay in state at the main entrance to Yankee Stadium. Hundreds of thousands of people stood in line to pay their last respects. Babe's funeral was on August 19 at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. He is buried at Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Hawthorne, New York. He now rests along side of his wife Claire who was buried next to him after her death in 1976. Where does he stand?? Mickey Mantle Mickey Mantle OF­1B 1951­68 Yankees Led League BA 1956 Led League HR 1955­56,58,60 Led League RBI 1956 All Star 1952­65, 67­68 MVP 1956­57, 62 Gold Glove 1962 Hall of Fame 1974 Triple Crown 1956 with BA of .353 and 130 RBI 52 HR Holds World Series records for HR(18), RBI(40), runs(42), walks(43), extra­base hits(26), total bases(123). OF 1957­68 Indians, Athletics, Yankees, Cardinals HR Record 1961(61hrs) Led League RBI 1960­61 MVP 1960­61 Gold Glove 1960 1953 signed with Indians for $5000 but played in college until 1957… grabbed by Yankees in 1959. Opening day he hit 3 for 5 1962­ 4 Intentional walks in 12 inning game showed respect he had among players. Final season hit .385 for championship team Roger Maris Roger Maris M & M Boys M & M Boys Games AVG. HR RBI MARIS: Career 1403 .260 275 851 WS 41 .217 6 8 MANTLE: Career 2401 .298 536 1509 WS 65 .257 18 40 “"The hardest ball I ever hit was at Yankee Stadium in 1963." ­ Mickey Mantle.” Mickey pulverized a ball that rocketed toward the upper reaches of Yankee Stadium. Yogi Berra, thinking the ball was going out of the park, cried out, "This is it!" Players from both teams jumped off their benches to watch history be made. But the ball struck the right­field façade just inches from the top. Mickey hit it with so much force that after slamming into the cement façade it ricocheted all the way back to the infield on the fly. The ball was at its apex when it hit the façade, and eyewitnesses are in unanimous agreement that the ball was still rising. Therefore, 620 feet is the low end distance estimate. A computer projection calculated the distance to be an astronomical 734 feet! The Bridge to the future… The Bridge to the future… Henry “Hank” Aaron statistically the best baseball player ever The fight for respect in a racial world "Dear Nigger Henry, You are (not) going to break this record established by the great Babe Ruth if I can help it. ... Whites are far more superior than jungle bunnies. . My gun is watching your every black move." "Dear Henry Aaron, How about some sickle cell anemia, Hank?" Hammerin’ Hank Hammerin’ Hank The Facts Homeruns: 755 (1) Runs: 2,279 (1) Total Bases: 6,856 (1) Extra Base Hits: 1,447 (1) At Bats: 12,364 (2) Runs 2,174 (2) Hits: 3,771 (3) Games Played: 3,298 (3) He is the only player to hit at least 30 homers in 15 seasons and at least 20 homers in 20 seasons. He is the first player to reach 3,000 hits and 500 homers. You Can’t get rid of this Brother You Can’t get rid of this Brother After retiring as a player, Aaron became one of the first blacks in Major League Baseball upper­ level management as Atlanta's vice president of player development. Since Dec. 1989, he has served as senior vice president and assistant to the president, but he is more active for Turner Broadcasting as a corporate vice president of community relations and a member of TBS' board of directors. He also is vice president of business development for The Airport Network. McGwire & Sosa It’s that old gunslinger mystique, you know. The West wasn’t won by ­­Richard Hoffer committee The Race and two races The Race and two races “You have a rich kid from U.S.C., and a shoeshine guy from the Dominican Republic” -Don DeLew The home run ball and the THE THE $$$ Philip Ozersy caught McGwire’s 70th home run ball and auctioned it off. Todd McFarlane, the creator of “Spawn” bought the ball at auction for a record $2.7 million. The New Age of the home run The New Age of the home run Mark McGwire's controversial use of androstenedione has spurred Major League Baseball and the players union to ban it from the MLB. Should McGwire's name appear with an asterisk in the record books? Barry Bonds Barry Bonds Before the record Before the record Cocky rookie out of ASU “Dwight Gooden has to face me” Had the ability to hit the longball, but never seen as a “power hitter” Most commonly known as an unpopular player, even though he was a 3 time league MVP Made harsh statements in press towards teammates Often Shunned contact with media Known for slandering fans and not caring about their opinions of him “I don’t care what (the fans) think. They aint out here.” Critics recognize the fact that he is one of the greatest players ever, but his play is tarnished by his actions off the field National league MVP ’90, ’92,’93 Excerpt from a Newsday article circa 1994 “Bonds’ attitude is a Prime example of Baseball’s ills today” Popularity shift Popularity shift Late 90’s Bonds begins to gather some support from fans and players alike Bonds’ power to hit the homerun becomes more respected In ’97 was signed to a contract extension with the Giants making him the player with the highest average salary per year…..11.45 million The Year that changes everything­ The Year that changes everything­ 2001 Not many took notice to Bonds’ HR pace until he reached 500 for career By September Bonds is being rooted on by most Record breaking 71 hit on Oct 5 Home fans of other teams boo when Bonds is walked Ended with 73 Was celebrated, but not like McGwire Popularity has steadily risen since he became the HR king Who’s The Man! Who’s The Man! ...
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