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1T1 Prof. Greenwald Dr. Strangelove I accept as true that the 1960’s culture had a strong underlying tone of rebellion. Although Dr. Strangelove did not portray the typical rebellious nature of the younger culture, you can see that the irony and sarcasm of the film is in fact a revolt against the mainstream culture. The film was poking fun of the paranoia and the atomic attitude that seemed to grasp so many people during the 1950’s. But, in relation to the counter-culture those people who were still in a crazed paranoia were just squares. There was great reason to be afraid of communism, but the counter-culture of the 1960’s made fun. I wonder how the film did in theaters, because I’m quite sure that it was a strictly a liberal movie at the time, even though it does not seem all so in that way today. There are no blatant counter-culture remarks or presentation that I noticed during the film, and I think because the fun of the movie is the amazing sarcasm of the film. My grandfather may
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Unformatted text preview: watch that film and see it as just another exaggerated truth of the 1950’s, whereas my father may watch the same film and see it as a hilarious joke of the mainstream culture of the 1950’s. The reason I mention this possible discrepancy is because I believe that the most intriguing aspect of the film is that there is no real blatant jokes. The rebellion in the film is not told out loud, but it is grasped by the viewer just by recognizing the ridiculousness. It is the charisma of the characters not the plot that mocks mainstream culture. So I must conclude that this film was an ‘independent’ film, and that this rebellious film did not show in every movie house across the country. Or did Kubrick just trick the mainstream culture into believing that his film was not a mockery? People were yelling and shouting, and this film just said, “You are all so stupid.” so gracefully....
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