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WHAT CHARACTERISTICS DEFINE AMERICA AT THE END OF WWII Women and blacks experienced massive changes during the war years; with jobs and social status (to some extent) Hope and optimism are two words that symbolize the feeling that most Americans had after the war Time of frustration for the groups that gained during the war years Women and blacks Empty consolations, like the creation of Women’s advisory committee HUAC…. Consumerism and prosperity were all that was on the minds of most Americans, which allowed social issues to take a back seat Economic growth, single most impressive development of postwar years High mass consumption stage of economic dev. Education for everyoneGI Bill, Change of attitude towards soviet union, became enemy or against what America stands forSoviet union as unilateralUS wished to contain soviet/communist power and create a stable international order conductive to U.S. economic and political interest.The US becomes the leader of the free worldTruman doctrine, (Greece and turkey); will of the majorityHelping free and independent nations maintain their freedom (independence and democracy)Economic aid to Europe - “How did America Change Culturally in the 1950’s Economic Growth: Suburbia and Consumerism Family Life and Sex Roles high mass consumption 1.2 million people moved to 60% of 18 to 24 married women short term credit leaped from the suburbs every year population grew by almost 30 million $8.4b to $45.6 13 million new homes were built school enrollment skyrocketed by 10 million savings accounts increased Highway Act of 1956- $32 bfor fathers were bread winners women raise the children from $50b to $140 41,000 miles of highway GI Bill 8 million people traveled abroad Government sponsored new 110 million and 97% of Americans industries and facilitated productivity believe in god TV and Popular Culture 80% of homes had a television blacklistcommunists in the entertainment Edward R. Murrow first
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