Supplier Logistics - 1 1T1 4-14-03 Supplier Logistics: The...

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1T1 4-14-03 Supplier Logistics: The Other End of the Supply Chain 1. Executive Summary : Bozzutto’s Inc. is an up and coming regional leader in the wholesale food market. To reduce supply chain costs and increase their new found standing they have come up with a plan. They have minimized their costs on the outbound logistics sector and are now turning to the inbound logistics to reduce costs. To minimize the costs incurred on the inbound side of their company, they have come up with three new strategies which they intend to implement immediately. The strategies are to hire a third part logistics company to manage their inbound supply chain, to consolidate all inbound shipments from LTL to TL, and finally to directly manage their inventory themselves rather then have it done by an outside company. 2. Definition of the Problem : Bozzuto’s Inc is facing a problem of maximizing their efficiency and at the same time minimizing their costs through their supply chain. The recent economy downturns have made it vital for end to end control of supply chains. It is a requirement to have a list of denied parties, records of compliance, and knowledge of their trading partners. It is extremely necessary to squeeze out every ounce of cost and improve the data flow due to
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Supplier Logistics - 1 1T1 4-14-03 Supplier Logistics: The...

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