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CH 13 - Kissinger assisted in Nixon’s plan to secretly...

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CH 13 (P. 381- The Emergence of a Republican Majority Kevin Phillips, he contended that America was sick of new deal liberalism, we argued that members of the Catholic working class, white south, Sun Belt, & middle class were against militant minorities, radical youth, & arrogant intellects Sun Belt – Old South, Texas, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, & Arizona – population explosions as people went to these new centers of high-tech industry – aerospace, plastics, chemical, & electronic Nixon wanted more conservatives on the Supreme Court, Warren Burger was a successfully nominated, but Haynsworth, an extremist & had the unqualified Carswell were voted down by the Senate Nixon was a loner & put most of his trust in his personal aides: Haldeman & Ehrlichman Henry Kissinger, National Security Advisor, got along well with Nixon despite their backgrounds. He secured his place in the Nixon cabinet by giving him classified info about Vietnam in the peace talks in Paris, prior to the election
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Unformatted text preview: Kissinger assisted in Nixon’s plan to secretly pressure NViet with the threat of escalation, Kissinger cut Sec of State – Will Rogers out of the loop, all vital “back channel” info of the “madman theory” went to Kissinger alone Kissinger & Nixon secretly bombed Cambodia, a communist neutral target as part of the “madman theory” “Duck-Hook” – new theory that included bombing Hanoi, destroying NViet water supply, & bombing Haiphong harbor Kissinger & Nixon- both wanted Allende the new Marxist President of Chile to be assassinated giving $10 mil, a top general was assassinated instead & Allende was later killed in a military coup 2 yrs later, both K&N denied any involvement Nixon & Kissinger set out to befriend China, Nixon took a trip to reconcile (removed US forces from Taiwan) played Soviets on Chinese, Russians started buying grain again...
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