reagan and his presidency - Reagan Revolution Reagans ideas...

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Reagan Revolution Reagan’s ideas were that big government was bad, and should be lifted from the American people’s backs, military was good and required unlimited support, the purpose of foreign policy was to fight communism. 1981, $25 billion cut from the welfare programs, reducing taxes over five years by $750 billion, $1.2 trillion five year increase in defense spending. He used his power to dismantle the welfare state, denounced environmentalists, condemned welfare recipients as too lazy to get a job Reagan’s foreign and US policies - Early budget cuts of $39 billion were followed by the passage of a 25% tax cut for individual taxpayers and faster tax write-offs for business. Reagan’s first term was dominated by efforts to carry out his economic program-dubbed “Reaganomics” by the media-which consisted in part of large budget reductions in domestic programs and substantial tax cuts for individuals and businesses. The theory of supply-side economics-generating growth by stimulating a greater supply of goods and services, thereby increasing jobs-was a mainstay of the Reagan approach. Central to the administration’s efforts to combat inflation was rigorous control over government
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reagan and his presidency - Reagan Revolution Reagans ideas...

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