GIClassOutlinePGY451551 Fall 2010

GIClassOutlinePGY451551 Fall 2010 - Mucosa Submucosa...

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GI Lecture Schedule/Class Outline PGY451551 Session/Topic Textbook Pages Key Example I. Introduction 487-493 GI Tract Wall, Neural Regulation II. Motility 500-503, 511-513, 513-514, Esophagus 530-531,534-536, 539-541 III. Secretion 496-500, 505-508, 517-521, Stomach – Acid/Enzyme/Mucus 521-529, 530-538, 543-548 IV. Digestion 511, 522, 524-526, 527 Pancreas – Enzymes (“-ases”) V. Absorption 523, 526, 527-528, 529, 536-538 Small Intestine – Na-linked symport VI. Regulation 490-492, 499, 508-510, 514, Bile Production – Liver/Gall Bladder 516-517, 518-521, 533-534, 545-549 VII. Integrated Function 493-494, 496, 504, 516, 533 VIII. Case Studies Vomiting in GI Physiology Lactose Intolerance Diarrhea Constipation
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Session Topic Key Example General Principle I. Introduction Disassembly Purpose Processes Functional Anatomy Segments Accessory Glands Functional Histology
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Unformatted text preview: Mucosa Submucosa Muscularis Externa Serosa II. Motility Esophagus Mass Flow Motor Patterns Peristalsis Segmentation Types Propulsion Mixing III. Secretion Stomach Acid/Enzyme/Mucus Membrane Transport Components Enzymes Water and Electrolytes Mucus Processes Transmembrane Exocytosis IV. Digestion Pancreas Enzymes -ases Enzyme Action Mechanical Chemical Enzymatic Macromolecules Carbohydrates Proteins Lipids V. Absorption Small Intestine Na-linked Membrane Transport Monosaccharides Glucose Peptides/Amino Acids Fatty acids/Monoglycerides VI. Regulation Bile Production Liver/Gall Bladder Control System Control Systems (Figure 6-22, 29) Nervous Enteric Nervous System Endocrine Digestive Hormones VII. Integrated Function VIII. Case Studies...
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GIClassOutlinePGY451551 Fall 2010 - Mucosa Submucosa...

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