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Module 25 - Crystallized intelligence o A form of...

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Module 25 ADULT DEVELOPMENT Life span o The maximum age possible for members of a given species Life expectancy o The number of years that an average member of a species is expected live o Women outlive men by five or six years on average Menopause o The end of menstruation and fertility Alzheimer’s disease o A progressive brain disorder that strikes older people, causing memory loss and other symptoms Fluid intelligence o A form of intelligence that involves the ability to reason logically and abstractly
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Unformatted text preview: Crystallized intelligence o A form of intelligence that reflects the accumulation of verbal skills and factual knowledge • Erik Erikson o Said there are eight stages of development Infancy • Toddler • Preschool • Elementary school • Adolescence • Young adulthood • Middle adulthood • Late adulthood • Social clock o A set of cultural expectations concerning the most appropriate age for men and women to leave home, marry, start a career, have children, and retire...
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