Assignments - Introduction: As far as the BPM is concerned,...

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Introduction: As far as the BPM is concerned, integrating, streamlining and structuring the process is essential for business improvement. In BPM models the important factors to be concerned are workflow, mapping the work flow, employee integration, knowledge management, integrating all the aspects of business right from suppliers to end market. These factors can be worked out successfully if it is mapped, visualised, documented or structured properly. All the current technologies are being implemented by concerning the above mentioned factors in order to improvise the business efficiency. Technologies: Here the list of Some Business Process Management technologies and a note of how it influences the enhancement of business: Process Simulation Performance Management Enterprise BPM Business Intelligence Process Simulation Customer Relationship Management Most of the BPM solution providers concentrate on integrating these technologies while offering solution to different type of industries. They firmly believe that integrating these solutions helps achieving the need for BPM in business. Section1: Improvements that can be implemented to Business process (Executive Summary) As Far as the business is concerned mapping the business is the first step in improvising the business. It helps organisation to understand, integrate, streamline and improve the efficiency of business. Integration of business process helps understanding the entire flow of business. There fore it optimize the activities like data sharing, documentation, structured flow of communication inside & outside the organisation.
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Assignments - Introduction: As far as the BPM is concerned,...

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